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Women Leaders
Are you looking to work with an executive coach "who's been there" and is dedicated to helping you prepare you for greater influence, responsibility, and impact?

Organizations and Senior Leaders
Are you looking for an experienced, executive coach to support an emerging, high-performing woman leader in your organization?


Workshops, leadership Training and mastermind Groups

We offer tailored workshops and training sessions on topics pertinent to preparing women for expanded leadership roles. We also facilitate retreats and mastermind groups built on open discussion, exploration, and experimenting with concepts and ideas in a safe, supportive atmosphere.

Workplace Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Conflict is not uncommon during times of dynamic change and it need not be a problem.  However, when frictions fester and foster problematic behaviors, conflict can wreak havoc on everyone, including clients.


With experience in mediation and conflict resolution, we help individuals and teams resolve workplace conflicts and move forward with shared vision and commitment.

One-on-One (+One) Executive Coaching 

Initial engagements with Day 6 Leadership feature regularly scheduled conversations over a 4-to-6-month period. The sessions are approximately 45-90 minutes long and occur every week or two, depending on need and availability. During these calls we discuss goals and leadership assessment(s), exploring ways to achieve and refine better results.

At the end of the initial engagement, we will review progress and develop an action plan for continued practice and learning.  We will also conduct a follow-up consultation 60 to 90 days later to learn how things are going and to offer additional support if desired.



Creating an individualized and intensive consulting experience for female leaders aspiring to expanded leadership roles is at the core of our the strategy behind our one-on-one conversations. Key to this work is the commitment to engage in recommended practices outside of these conversations to further enhance self-awareness and observation. ​


Our conversations are private, allowing for questioning, experimenting, and assessment. We explore both successes and failures because we believe that our mistakes are often our best teachers. When things don't go as planned or as hoped, we dig in together to discover the lessons that can be learned and consider ways to handle these situations more effectively in the future.



No one succeeds alone.  Along with individual conversations, we often integrate senior executive(s) for some three-way discussions to encourage open communication and mutual alignment.  By incorporating the ideas and input of the people to whom leaders report, clients tend to feel more confident, included and supported.

Mountain Range

Leadership Consulting and
Executive Coaching for Women Leaders


We tailor our consulting and coaching to focus on specifically-identified areas of client interest while remaining flexible and making adjustments when needed to address any urgent or unexpected challenges that arise. Our conversations and training offer opportunities for exploring and experimenting both in discussion and on the job. By emphasizing what is working well and what might work even better, clients develop strategies for addressing immediate issues within a continuing context of ongoing development.


Our executive coaching experience offers emerging, high-potential women leaders access to a strategic partner dedicated to their individual development goals and needs. We work with women leaders seeking to advance their careers courageously, authentically, and without burning themselves out. 


Though each engagement is unique, our approach is structured around a process of exploration, experimentation, and assessment to allow clients to discover and practice new skills. We also engage others from time to time who work with our clients to enhance open communication, collaboration, feedback and goal setting.

Outline of Mountains


The content of our work at Day 6 Leadership is informed by interests shared by emerging and high-performing women leaders. Together we address the unique circumstances and interests of each person and organization with whom we work. We help women gain insights and take meaningful steps toward achieving broader influence and impact.

What do our clients often want to address? Here are some of the topics often requested and explored:

  • Building trust

  • Inspiring and motivating others

  • Navigating uncertainty

  • Working with different styles and temperaments

  • Becoming more confident and present

  • Communicating effectively and honestly

  • Creating compelling vision to inspire and motivate

  • Enlisting collaboration across functions

  • Negotiating

  • Dealing with conflict

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