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I provide executive coaching

to help corporate leaders develop and retain high-performing women and acceleratete their preparation for senior leadership roles.

Women leaders promote and accelerate business results. As members of senior leadership teams, women contribute by enhancing key business drivers such as engagement, decision-making, inclusion, equity, and strategic relationships. Despite providing these advantages, women are leaving workplaces at unprecedented rates due to burnout, lack of opportunity, inequities, and the absence of meaningful development and support. 


I’m Tucker Miller, president and founder of Day 6 Leadership. I'm on a mission to help companies to develop and retain valued women leaders.  


With over 25 years of experience in leadership development, law, human resources, and sales, I’ve worked with many women who felt challenged by barriers -- both actual and perceived -- that impeded their ability to confidently step into expanded leadership roles. I've also worked with senior leaders who wanted to be more effective in mentoring and elevating women to positions of greater responsibility but were uncertain how to best do it.


Working with dedicated coach who has experience on both sides of these issues accelerates both learning and results. That’s why I created Day 6 Leadership -- to help women leaders and their organizations thrive.

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Executive Coaching for Women and Men in Organizations Committed to Advancing Women Leaders

Are you a woman leader looking to work with an executive coach "who's been there" and is dedicated to helping prepare you for greater influence, responsibility, and impact?

Are you a senior leader looking for an experienced, executive coach to support a woman leader in your organization?


We tailor our consulting and coaching to focus on specifically-identified areas of client interest.  Your goals are our goals -- and we'll help you achieve them.


Our conversations offer opportunities to explore and experiment both in discussion and on the job. Through this work, our clients benefit from a trusted partner to help identify and implement success strategies within a context of ongoing development.



We offer leadership learning experiences and retreats tailored to the needs and interests of your leaders.


We help individuals and teams resolve workplace conflicts and move forward with shared vision, understanding, and commitment.


Tucker has the gift of encouragement combined with a deep understanding of what it means to lead with your head as well as your heart. Her business expertise and insight into how organizations work make her a great partner in navigating professional and personal growth. She does so with a listening ear, practical guidance, and a fantastic sense of humor! Tucker is one of those rare people who bring out the best in others. I leave every conversation with the belief I can be better as a person and a leader!

-- Senior Vice President, Human Resources

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